Wrapping Up..


BODY WRAPS…that’s what I need [more like a want maybe?] if I want to lose the unsightly belly rolls I have. Seriously! I’m too lazy to exercise. I tried walking on my treadmill but I stopped because I don’t like it when I’m running out of breath. Dieting is out of the question because I don’t want to deprive myself of the food I like. I have to eat my rice at least once a day which is rare because I usually eat rice for lunch and dinner if I can get away with it. I am not willing to take diet pills and I don’t think I want to go through any kind of surgery to get rid of my lovely ‘handles’.

So what brought my sudden need err…want of body wraps? Mother’s day did. Well, not the day itself but what I got for the day. Since I asked that they don’t get me jewelry, the little one and dad got me the next ‘easier’ thing to get….clothes. I’m not complaining mind you. I love the clothes. And I could certainly use some new ones. The pants they got me thought were a size too big for me so we headed to the department store the next day, Sunday. We were supposed to have the pants replaced but that didn’t happen. Aside from getting replacements for the 2 pairs that were big for me, I ended up with a few more pairs, plus some more tops. That’s because the husband wanted to get me more, mostly clothes he wants to see me wear. The problem is I am not comfortable wearing some of them because they somehow hug me tighter than I want resulting to some unsightly ‘rolls’ I’ve been keeping “under wraps”.

So to be able to wear some of the nice clothes I got, I am now looking into trying bodywraps which I have been reading about for quite a while now. I thought of trying it before but never really got into it. I guess I needed the reason to actually consider it more seriously. I’m not shooting for the moon here so I may have a chance. Hopefully with this method, I’d be able to at least reduce the size of my jelly belly.


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