Another WAR in the Offing?


I certainly hope NOT! But with the way North Korea is acting, there might be one. According to the news, war with North Korea cannot be called NEW because technically the US is still at war with them. Why? Because the last war didn't really was just: PAUSED? Ha!What exactly does this half of a nation want anyway? World domination?

Back in the 1990s, I got the chance to teach and talk with a lot of South Koreans that came to the Philippines mostly to learn English. Most of my students were young men fresh out of the military training. They were mostly in their 20s then. Apparently, when they reach a certain age, young Korean men were required to go to the military school to prepare them for something unexpected, a civil war with the north. In some ways I fee bad for them because they didn't have a choice. The only consolation they had at that time was their family sending them off somewhere to take a break.

Right now, there's about 28,000 US military in South Korea and about 35,000 in Japan. That means at least 60,000 families here in the US will be affected if a war indeed breaks out in that part of the world. Let's hope and pray that those people leading North Korea will start to think straight and stop testing all those weapons of mass destruction they have.


bluedreamer27 said…
just visiting you here
have a great day and happy blogging
love BEP songs
DebbieDana said…
Oh my, oh my, wag naman sana! Last night, Dana and I were watching a war movie and we both said we can't imagine how it was like to be in the war...Dana mentioned about the recent issue with North Korea and he also fears of having another war.... Hay naku!
Ciela said…
Kinda scary just thinking about war. Heaven forbids! Ang kulit naman kasi nitong Noth Korea e!Let's just hope all these international problems will be peacefully resolved.
J said…
not another war. we're not even done with what was started yet.

nasaan na kayo tatlo? hope your Sunday was great!

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