Enough Already!


After days of being under ‘weather alert’ the rain [with the whole shebang of lightning and thunder] happened yesterday. It even flooded the dirt road in front of our house. The heat index finally went below 90 around here because of that and we’re free from our watering chores. Those are the ‘positive’ effect of the rain. For the negative effects, our electricity keeps going out messing up the different electronic gadgets we have around the house. I can live with that as long as my internet connection is not affected much. But IT IS! Actually, our internet has been acting up since forever. Just last week, the husband was furious because our emails were not working. He had to call their customer service to see what’s happening and guess what? They couldn’t explain why that’s the case.

Needless to say, hubby said that we better proceed with our plan of finding another provider and I couldn’t agree more. Qwest was the first one that came to mind when he asked me to do that. We’ve tried a few companies already Qwest is the only one we have not tried yet so I really want to give it a shot. I have a friend who uses Qwest high speed internet and she has not complaints about it whatsoever. I thought of switching to them a long time ago but decided against it and give our present provider another chance but after the all the headaches we had with them the past couple of weeks, I am not more convinced now that we should just ditch this one and go with Qwest instead. My only problem right now is we should also get the Qwest phone service because our internet provider is also our phone company. Unlike their internet service, their phone service has been doing surprisingly well. I guess we just have to wait and see...


Ciela said…
Hi J! Same problem here. Our phone service is doing well but not their internet. very annoying sometimes that we have to repeatedly call them about the problem. hayyy..

Weekend na naman!
Beth said…
Hi J! Our internet connection is giving us a pain in the neck. Even reading blogs is difficult kasi minsan me pics pala ung isang site, di ko mkita. bagal kasi ng connection ko.

just visiting you here! :)
honey said…
hi Ate J,

buti nalang sa amin walang problem yung internet. haay naku pag mayron, iiyak talaga ako.. heheh!

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