Yep, our AC is fixed! I posted yesterday that it's been acting up. I'm actually not that bothered since it's not that hot with the fan on but the eskimo a.k.a. husband is a different story. He doesn't do well when the temperature in the house is above 75. So he called the people that installed it a year ago. A guy came and found out that something was loose so the freon drained out. Can you say 'their fault'? Totally. But we didn't want to play the blame game and just let it go...with us paying the co-pay of course. With the AC fixed, the husband was able to sleep soundly again. Ha!

So it's now, 1 down 100 more to go on our "to do list". One of things in the list is insurance. All of the insurance we have like health, car & home. Last month when we were about to renew our home insurance, we found out [on the day we had to sign the papers] that the insurance company was charging us a few hundreds more to renew it. They probably thought that we'll just go with it since it's the day we need it. Boy were they ever wrong. As soon as the husband saw the additional charge, he went to look for another place where we can get insurance. Guess what? He didn't only get a new home insurance but he also asked this other place for an auto insurance quote because we will be renewing our auto insurance in a couple of months as well. The other company now is probably thinking that they messed with the wrong people.


J said…
oo nga mga eskimo can't sleep when it's just cool, it has to be really coooooolllll. grabe, ako ay balut na balut pag natutulog. paano, it's freezing!!!

check out my response.
Jun said…
Thanks for sharing your blogs..^_^
Unknown said…
Oh my, I know what it's like when your ac breaks down specially during this time of the year.

I'm glad yours is fixed.

With "to do list", they seem to breed on their own, don't they? :)
J said…
hola!!! busy pa rin sa kadidilig?

it was stormy today and it really felt like early spring. I guess, home is where F will spend his 4 days hehehe.
Shimumsy said…
buti dito di pa namin kailangan ng ac, it has been raining. hope the weekend will be sunny para maenjoy man lang.

ingat po.
EJ said…
Hello Ms. Juliana, it's getting pretty how in here too..

Have a great weekend!

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