Rain, Rain...


...don't go away...come again later today! It rained yesterday! Yay! Yay??? Wait, isn't that very 'uncharacteristic' of me to actually be rejoicing about rain? I've been whining, complaining, crying...well, maybe not crying, about rain here in past. So what gives? The trees!! Yes, the ones we planted last Sunday. Since it rained yesterday, I didn't have to water them myself. Thus the YAY! Ha!

Anyway, I am still a bit sore from the tree planting [and weed pulling] we did last weekend. I wasn't expecting to this sore but I am. I also sweat a lot because of the humidity out there. But that's okay because sweating is good, right? I'm planning of sweating it out some more later on even if I'm still sore because I really want to lose the few pounds I put on when I pigged out with the foods from the Philippine store a few weeks ago. I'm still thinking of finding the best diet pill out there but I am also hoping that I wouldn't have to take any pill to lose some pounds. That's why I will try to do as much as I can to make that scale budge a few numbers counter-clockwise...instead of the other way around. Anyone care to join me?


J said…
ayan ngayon, ipagdasal mo ang ulan hahaha.

it's been raining here today and yesterday. hanggang bukas daw.
mylou said…
:-D I love it when it rains... para di na ako magdidilig ng mga halaman ko.

Mommy J, thanks for visiting my blog... tagal na din ako di nakakabisita dito.
J said…
knock, knock... anybody home?

nasaan na kayo? hope all is well. busy bang magdilig?

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