Social Networking...and BFFs!

Friendster & Facebook are only 2 of the social networks I'm a member of. I blogged a couple of days ago that I started getting in-touch with my 'very first' students through Facebook. It's great getting messages from them and seeing how much they've changed through the years.

It's also through these 2 networks I am able to find some old friends & acquaintances from my former college classmates in St. Scho and my dorm mates in Pope Pius XII. I am still looking for some people I used to hang out with especially in Pius but it's proving to be difficult.

Anyway, as I was browsing the news this morning I came across this article in Yahoo. It's a study saying that half of all friends in these social networks are replaced every 7 years. Really? I am actually surprised & a bit sad reading that. I know we move on and lead our separate lives, but what happens to lasting friendship?

Well, according to the study these social networking sites are not actually ways to determine 'friendship', eh? Here's a part of the article:

...networks were not formed based on personal choices alone. Our friend choices are limited by the opportunities to meet. He saw that people frequently choose friends from a context in which they have previously chosen a friend. Also, whether or not our friends know each other strongly depends on the context under which people meet.


tx sweetie said…
oo nga miss J. Ako man eh most of the people na nasa listahan ko sa FS ay mga kakilala ko noong elem., highschool and college and of course the recent acquaintances.

Kagabi nga 3 people(highschool ka berks) I found through FS, ang sarap ng feeling na natagpuan ko sila sa FS..ewan sa kanilang part eh happy ba kaya sila na nakita nila ako dun? ewannn
ah basta friendship kita!
J said…
Tuks, check your email. I sent you one. Have a fab Thursday!

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