Such is Life


It’s a beautiful day here today…for a change. We thought it was going to rain earlier but it only drizzled a little bit. It was a bit cloudy which made it easier for us to plant the bottlebrush trees, well, my husband did the planting. I pulled some weeds while the little one watched Dad. We just helped him put some mulch around them. I thought we needed about 10 of them but we didn’t. The 6 we have sitting on the back porch are enough. I’m sure glad they are now on the ground so the waiting game begins. I have to do a lot of watering though because each of the trees needs about 5 gallons of water a day. Now I’ll be praying for rain, eh? LOL…

Right now we’re just relaxing in the house because it’s too hot to hang out in the back yard. I need to take a nap because I’ve been having a hard time sleeping. Yep, it’s still partly because of my RLS [restless leg syndrome]. Apart from the thyroid problem, I read that my lovely spider veins may have something to do with my RLS. So let’s see…my eye problems may not get better even if my thyroid problem is fixed. There is also a chance my RLS won’t get fixed if my thyroid problem is gone. It sucks to say it mildly. I am now checking some possible cure for this and found spider veins pittsburgh in Pennsylvania called Advance Veins Center.

If and when I have to undergo some kind of treatment for this problem, I’d definitely choose the laser vein treatment. I don’t want a long down time so this is the best route to take. My mother really had bad case of varicose veins which she endured for years. I would see her in pain everytime the weather is too cold or when they flare up. She never had them checked. VARICOSE VEINS PITTSBURGH would have been a perfect place for her to get treatment but we didn’t have any way of knowing that there is such a place because we live half way across the world. If I ever have that problem, varicose veins pittsburgh will be the place I will go to. Luckily, our insurance covers this treatment…so that’s one less worry on my part. I definitely feel a lot older now that I've been going through one medical issue after another. Oh well, such is life.


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