Summer Heat!


Yep, it’s another hot day here in our neck of the woods. It is 93 degrees as I type this. And to make matters worse, our AC is acting up. I just realized something was wrong with it yesterday when I noticed that the reading on the thermostat wasn’t budging. The husband came home to check it and he found out that it’s low on freon. Ugh! It’s only been a year since we moved in here and we’re already having issues with the AC. Now we have to call someone to check it as soon as possible. That means…money out the window again. Ugh!

Because of the unexpected expense for the AC, we are now putting some of the not-so important-things to buy on hold like:

New bed sheets
A tula purse I want [to replace my small cross body purse]
Some trees we want for the side of the garage
Ceiling fan for the living room [our floor pan will do for now]

These are just some of the things we’re putting off until further notice [read: when we have the money]. The list is actually much longer than that. There are more important things that we need to get like, like a father’s day gift for the big daddy here. Hubby said that he doesn’t want anything for that day…so typical of him. Him not wanting anything for father’s day is actually the reason why I thought of not getting that TULA purse yet. I just thought it would look ‘odd’ if I’m getting something for Father’s Day and he's not…hehe.

He wants something for this day though… a book. Not the ones you can buy from the store but one that is made by his little princess. For the last few weeks, the little one has been making these little books where she would draw characters with short stories on them and Dad always looks forward to them at the end of the day. He reads them while having dinner and it cracks him up everytime. I think she has about 7 ‘books’ already [and counting] and they are all in Dad’s nightstand drawer. Yep, we’re keeping them. Maybe one day, when she’s already a famous author, we can sell these little books and make a fortune out of them. Then I can buy all the Tula bags I want. Ha! Now, that’s what you call positive outlook and long term planning!


J said…
I sent you an email, btw.

yes, unexpected expenses do pop up every once in a while. priorities are priorities. a lot of wants can wait di ba?

grabe kung gaano kayo kainit diyan dito kung kailan niya gusto umulan give na give ang ulan. hopefully magklaro this weekend para naman kami ay makaalis.

F still has 5 weeks of vacay left after this 4 days. the bulk of it will be used this summer kasi nga daming plans, hopefully matuloy lahat.

Nance said…
don't you just hate it when something unexpected expense come up? plans get put in the back burner! oh well, such is life i guess.
take it easy, wahm! ;)
DebbieDana said…
Hay naku, I know how expensive it is to have the AC fixed. We did it last year, masakit sa bulsa...wala sa budget eh!

Oo nga no, Father's Day is coming up very soon...Waka pa kong gift sa tatay ni Daniel, hehe! Kiss na lang siguro and breakfast in bed, ahahahaha!

Anyway, hope you have a great Wednesday!!

Debbie :)
Unknown said…
We reached the 100s yesterday for the first time and very humid. Definitely staying in more often.
Ciela said…
Buti pa kayo, your AC had already been fixed. Yung sa 'min dito di pa rin. Kasi rainy season na, kaya taken for granted na naman. hayy!

Inggit naman ako, kasi you have your own private computer technician. Galing ni Hubby mo! Walang chance ang lappy to act up. he he..

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