Weather Alert!


We've been under weather alert for the past, well, 5 days maybe? That means we're supposed to watch out for thunderstorms, tornadoes and what nots. None of those has happened yet. It's not that I'm waiting for them but a rain or two would be great because we've been hitting the 100s in the heat index for the past few days. It got really dark around dinner time here so we thought it would rain. Nope, it didn't. I can hear some faint thunders right now so maybe later in the night we will get that much needed rain already.

The thunders are getting louder now. Hopefully there won't be any power outage because I don't think I know where to find a candle [or if we have any for that matter] if the light goes out. Maybe I better shut off my beloved computer before these thunders [and lightnings] get any worse. It's almost my bedtime anyway. Here's hoping I'd be able to sleep without any trouble...fingers crossed!


Norm said…
hello jul! musta na? medyo matanda na si Imelda no heheheheh..
Lynn said…
i've read about the tornadoes in the midwest. it happened last week right? that was scary. buti naman di kayo tinamaan diyan, mommy J.

J said…
up pa rin ba ang alert? hope not.

it rained again dito. crazy but it's been rainy all week na dito. we're due to have abundant sunshine though tomorrow into the weekend. with that will be temps in the 80's.

have a good night!

Hi Ate J!!!

Kumusta? Ok naman din ako. Humihinga pa rin hahaha!

Thanks sa advice ate! OO nga, kaya nung pagbili namin nang furniture tapos inutang pah namin hahaha! Saka namin na realize na pwede pala pa rin bawiin nang bank namin ang mortgage namin. Kaya dapat magawa na ang bahay namin huhuhu...

Kasi sa apartment namin binigyan nah kami nang final warning dahil madami daw clutter sa balcony namin kaya nilinis namin ang aming kuweba hahaha. Pag-lumipat nah kami sa aming sariling bahay magkakalat ulit kami *toink*.

Yeah umiinit na nga ang panahon so I hope it rains there sa inyo.

Take care and thanks ulit sa pagdalaw sa aking very rarely updated blog hahaha.

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