Blackberry Case for Father's Day!


Father’s day is in a couple of weeks already. We haven’t decided yet what to get big Daddy here. I have no idea right now what to get him. His razor broke a few days ago. It would have been a great gift for Father’s Day but…he got himself a new one already. So shaver is now out of the very limited choices we have. My next choice would be a Blackberry case which he doesn’t really need now because the case he has now still looks new but it wouldn’t hurt to have a spare, right?

Aside from Dad's gift, I am also looking for an iPod leather case for the little one’s iPod. The case that came with it is black. Her favorite color is NOT black so she’s been asking for either a pink one or a purple one. We looked around in the stores around here but they don't have those colors available. And if you can’t find it in the stores, where do you go? Online of course and look what I found…

Yep, a pink case for the little one’s iPod. Cool, eh? Now all I have to find is big Daddy’s father’s gift…and some Motorola accessories I want for my cell phone that I am not using. LOL….I will once I decide to have it activated.


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