Weekend Sing-Along!!


That's what we've been doing. It started yesterday and the little one just couldn't stop singing along with her favorite Taylor Swift's songs. I think she recorded about 10 of them already. I have been trying to edit them so I can upload them to You Tube. Our camcorder is definitely overworked at the moment so we may need to start checking out different camcorders sooner than we want in case the we have right now starts acting up because she's been using it so much. But that's alright because she's having a great time and that's all that matters, right?

Our weekend will definitely be spent indoors because it has started raining about an hour ago and it's still going while I'm typing this. The husband was able to mow the grass though before it started raining. He will be free of his watering chore now that mother nature decided to help him in that department. I wonder why it didn't rain [at all] when I was the one doing the watering. Hmmm....that's kinda' unfair, don't you think? Oh well, at least I'm free of that chore so now I can spend my time surfing the net.

I better get off here and keep on working at the home videos the little one has waiting for me. With the rate she's going, she'd probably have about 50 raw videos before the weekend is over. Uh oh....


J said…
how was your Sunday? tuloy pa rin ba ang concert ni E?
J said…
rainy ulit dyan? buti na rin para libre dilig. weather has been great here (low 80's), except some isolated thunderstorms.

have a good night!

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