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We've spent the better part of today browsing You Tube for some of Taylor Swift's popular songs. The little one likes to sing her songs over and over again so I decided to see if she can sing-along with the 'karaoke' versions of Taylor's songs. What do you know, she nailed every single one she tried. I'm quite impressed how she's able to sing quite well with only the background music. She's still 'shy' to do anything else in front of the camera but she'll get there. Here's one of the songs she recorded. I think she'll give Taylor a run for her money...that's the Mommy in me talking of course! LOL....


Lynn said…
hmmm, mukhang magiging singer talaga girl mo paglaki, mommy J and i bet you'll be a stage mom. haha. just support her every step of the way coz i believe she got the talent.

happy weekend too!
Cecile said…
boy, she really nailed it, Jules! great job girl!...who knows, she might be an american idol someday *wink*
J said…
she's really got it! I think you have an american idol in the making.

libreng dilig??? that's great!

Norm said…
wow! ang galing ng baby mo Jul tapos ang ganda pa niya, congrats mommy, salamat sa dalaw, oo nag enjoy ako sa weekend talaga pumunta kami ng African Lion Safari dami kong pictures na hayop pang blog, hehehhe
training na for american idol ha? keep it up girl! :D
honey said…
Yay!!! ang galing ni Erica.. whew! I'm sure your a PROUD mommy.. Good job.
Gorgeous MUM said…
You've got one talented daughter over there! A future model and singer! What a terrific genes you two have!

Anyways, thanks for asking about my FiL. He's still in the hospital and doing better by the day, I guess. Though he his feet are now swelling. Not good for a diabetic. We continue to hope and pray he'll still be able to be with us for a looong time!

Have a blessed Sunday!
Nance said…
it's either you have it or you don't and your own little Princess certainly have it!...and no formal training at that, that's a real talent!
more, more please!
Ciela said…
Lovely and talented! She can sure make it to American Idol in a few years time. Start training her now.

You're being tagged in my http://ailecgee.i.ph do it only if you have time, J.

Looks like it's another happy and exciting day for Erica since her Dad is around the house.

Have a happy Monday!
lispeth said…
ang cute cute naman, pag igihan mo para sa susunod na panahon makikita kana namin sa youtube or lucky sa iba pa..Congratulations Mommy Wahm, galing galing...
bluedreamer27 said…
so cool what a talented girl
yup you must prepared yourself mommy j coz the next American idol was born
what yah think??

DebbieDana said…
Hhmmm, super talented talaga!

Pero teka, napansin ko lang ha, ung bedcover nya, or shoujld I say blanket/bedsheet nya looks very familiar to me...Ganyan na ganyan din kasi ung sa step daughter ko,nasa kabilang room, hehe!

Debbie :)

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