Back to Normal...


Yep, after that short 'busyness' with work, I am now back to normal... sitting and waiting for work to be released.Right now, I'm doing what I do best [I think]...household chores like laundry. I would love to go out and pull weeds in the backyard but it's almost in 90s here so no can do for now, maybe later in the day when it gets a wee bit cooler.

While waiting for my laundry to be done I decided to hunt the net for some sales that are going on. I just do an 'internet window shopping' then drool over on the stuff I see online like this heart jewelry I stumbled upon.

Isn't it lovely? I do have a few heart jewelry that the husband gave me on some occasions but I really like this one. Maybe I can throw some hints the husband's way what I want for our wedding anniversary next month. Hmmmmm.....


DebbieDana said…
Cute ng heart jewelry, I like it! It's the right time actually to purchase those kind of jewelries kasi sale.

Musta ang weekend natin?

Debbie :)
J said…
kailan kaya ako maging recipient ulit ng heart jewelry?

grabe, my blogs are suspended by my webhost. the database needs to be optimized eh, as you know, I'm just simply an idiot when it comes to dealing with the technical side of blogging. malaki daw ang usage ko, and as the sites are on shared server it's causing performance problems daw for the rest of the sites na ka-share ko.

kaya ayan, malay ko ba. I'll see if my fairy godnother will be able to work on it soon. at least I've already asked my host to reactivate the access sa cpanels.


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