Big "Tummy-tum-tum"


I'm not talking about my 'tummy tum-tum'...although it's probably a fitting description as well. Tee heee...That's what the little one just called her belly. She just finished her dinner and her belly is poking out. It kinda' looks funny so we had a good laugh about it. I finally gave in and made spaghetti which happens to be her favorite food of all time.The irony is...I don't like spaghetti...never had, and probably never will. That's probably why I don't make it often.

So what am I having for dinner then? I made me some mung beans soup which I will be eating with rice and spam! I planted some sweet potatoes in pots about 2 weeks ago and the leaves are out already and I am so tempted to pluck the leaves out and put them in my soup for dinner. I held back of course but it won't be long before I can do that and when that happens, I'll be feasting on them. I probably need fat burner if I want to shed some poundage.Ugh! I may not be eating cakes and brownies but with all the carbohydrates I'm ingesting, I don't think I'll ever succeed in losing weight. Help!


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