It's Better Late


...than never! Isn't that how the saying goes? So..."Happy 4th of July" to those who are on this side of the planet. I didn't have the chance to post my Independence greeting here yesterday so I'm doing it a day late! I hope you had a great one!

I've been quite busy the past few days that's why I wasn't able to post here. Work was released, last week. I've been trying to do as much as I could because work has been so sporadic the past few months. I even had to go to bed late, much later than my usual bedtime. I'm afraid I may have to use hubby's acne medication because I can feel some breakouts on my face as a result of my staying up late. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to catch up on some much needed sleep as work has ran out already.

We didn't do anything special yesterday. We watched some fireworks that the neighbor put up at around 9 PM. The little one had a blast watching in our front yard, in her jammies already with ear muffs to boot. I think the fireworks lasted for about an hour. I honestly don't see why some people will 'burn money' just like that...but that's just me. Maybe they have a lot to burn, eh?


Nance said…
I could just imagine your little one, ;) my daughter used to do that too ... lots of ohhhhs and ahhhhs!
Ciela said…
Alam mo J, I used to participate in money burning too, on some new years celebration here.(lol) But time is tough nowadays, at natuto na din ako maging practical! We could also enjoy din naman watching other's fireworks eh, di ba?

Another new week ahead, have a great one!
kamz said…
belated happy 4th of july too juls! i am late in my greetings too! hehe! i don't get it why people "burn money" too. i guess you can blame in traditions... a holiday as grand as the 4th of July will not be complete without a BANG!

btw, kindly update my link URL. you can now find me at i also grabbed your badge, by the way.

have a good week!
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