Once Again...


We're on diet! That's what the husband says anyway. So now I'm not 'allowed' to bake cakes, muffins and brownies. Ugh! We're also trying to cut on buying sweets...which we don't buy much anyway. Double ughs! I honestly don't think we should go 'on a diet' because we don't eat a lot of junks in the first place. I think what we need to do is to be more active around here. I personally need to do that anyway. I know my metabolism is much slower now compared to like 10 years ago. Well, that and the fact that I no longer go up and down stairs or walk back and forth like I did when I was still teaching definitely don't help in my quest to lose some of my unwanted [and unsightly] extra poundage. Maybe I should start looking at some of the best diet pills available out there if this latest attempt of ours to get in shape will be unsuccessful. I wonder if I should get on that thing [aka 'treadmill] in our bedroom and just start walking away going nowhere. Hmm...that's how I think our so-called diet will go anyway...nowhere!


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