Pitch Black!

That's where we were for a couple of hours last night. The little one was already tucked in bed while the husband was watching TV and I was in the bathroom when we heard a loud pop followed by darkness...as in total darkness. Power outage. The only warning was the pop. Not much of a warning if you ask me. There was no rain or thunders or lightnings. As expected, the first sound I heard soon after the lights went out was: MOMMY!!!!

It took the power company people a couple of hours to get here and fix the problem. All the while, the little one was trying really hard to go to sleep which of course was a futile attempt. She pretended to be asleep and made no noise in her bedroom. It was only when the Dad checked on her after the power was restored did we find out she was actually awake. She gave Dad her sweetest smile and waved...then went to sleep.

I can't help but think about power outages in the Philippines that I was used to. When something like that would happen, we would just grab a candle, or a flashlight then head out to cool down while waiting for the power to come back on...sometimes for as long as 4 hours. Here it's totally different when that happens. It's like the world stops turning. Standstill. Everything is useless because everything is plugged into the wall. I can't help but shiver when I think of what's going to happen if, God forbids, we actually experience a day or two of no power....


Ciela said…
Ang tapang pala ni E! Still can manage to smile to Dad despite the total darkness.

So that's what you remember of brown-outs here huh? Not anymore, coz power outage means no internet connection. And I just can't stand that anymore. Wala! Addict na e! he he he. . .
J said…
oh no, isolated ba at kayo lang ang affected?

we had hale here in NY last night din but not in our area. there were a lot of homes that got damaged.

here late as usual kasi si F late ulit umuwi, late din natapos sa kusina.

oh btw, my blogs are all undergoing a thorough overhaul sa database. it's been on maintenance mode for the whole 24 hours more than na nga. I'm just glad my fairy godmother is doing the job, sa totoo lang, I'm actually contemplating on closing shop hahaha. but I still have 120 days left sa webhost ko. if my mind does not change, mukhang mag goodbye na ako sa blogging or just keep one blog. madalas tinatamad akong magsulat lately kahit madami pang opps. today nga I was paper scrapping and reading all day. ang sarap balikan ang fist love. si F nga tuwang tuwa, as I'm not glued sa internet.

Lynn said…
buti naman at di umiyak si erica. takot rin si yogi pag brownout. di siya umiiyak, bigla lang nagiging tahimik. hehe.

thank u for the visit mommy J. enjoy ur week.

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