Raining Cats & Dogs...


That describes exactly what's happening here right now. Our flower beds in front are already flooded and our trees are finally thriving after days of sagging due to the hot weather here in the sunshine state. I really don't care about the rain since I am home most of the time. It's the thunders and the lightnings I don't like. I have to turn off my computer when that happens and because the electricity is on and off. I can't finish some works I need to do online updating my high school batch's blog. They held a general assembly recently in preparation for the big silver jubilee and I have some videos and pictures I need to upload already. Hayy...

Speaking of which, my high school batch's silver jubilee is fast approaching. I still don't know if I will be able to make it but the husband has been searching for ticket prices without my knowledge. All the while I thought he's been searching for Florida vacations packages because the little one wants to go to Sea World and the other places around here that we haven't been to. So imagine my surprise when he called me yesterday asking for the date of the silver jubilee. He said he may have found some really affordable tickets for the 3 of us that MAY allow us to visit my relatives & friends later this year and attend this much anticipated reunion as well.

I'm not holding my breath on that of course but I'm glad he's been considering it although I will be the first one to say no if the trip will be out of our budget. We just can't splurge on certain things right now. The economy is too unstable to gamble on that.


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