Should I?


Because of the current economic situation, I have been thinking more and more lately about going back to school. I am not actually thrilled about it but it may just be one move I can take to better my chances of finding some really good jobs [alright, better ones] down the road. I guess this is also the result of my having a lot of 'idle' time due to work being slow.

I am considering taking an MBA online for several reasons. My first reason is the most obvious inability to drive so it has to be done online. It will be kind of hard for the husband if he has to work AND be my shuttle bus on the days I have to go to class. Secondly, I am leaning more into taking an MBA course because I want to help the husband with his business. He doesn't have a business degree and he's not willing to go back to school so I'm thinking of doing it.

After surfing the web for some potential online schools, I may have found the one I want to get on with: The University of Scranton. Aside from having their MBA program AACSB accredited, it only takes 2 years to finish the whole course and everything can be done online. Yep, it's 100%. And since I have a lot of free time on my hands right now, I'm confident I'll be able to earn the degree in that short amount of time...and maybe, just maybe I can be half as rich as the richest man in India who earned his MBA degree from The University of Scranton. Now, isn't that something? So yeah, maybe I should give this a try, eh?


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