Smart Cars....

This is the smart that one day we may all be driving. It's tiny..but it's smart, eh? For someone like me who hasn't tried driving a regular car yet, I may just like this itty bitty car. It looks easy to drive because it looks like a toy car. Ha!

But have you heard that the more expensive cars like the Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. are also being made into Smart Cars? Well, if you haven't heard about that, today maybe your lucky day. Here are the first pictures of these cars made into Smart cars....






J said…
ang cute nila. they got tons of smart cars plying the roads in Europe.

we got perfect weather today, in thh mid 60's. awesome!

LOL! They may look like toy cars but they still are very expensive. Smart cars here in Edmonton costs around C$15,000!

Mas gusto ko pa rin yung mga big cars because I feel safer riding in them.
DebbieDana said…
I've seen one of them here in GA, and I told Dana it's very cute, I would like to have one once I start driving on my own, but he replied with a big NO! LOL..He said i'm not safe driving it, he wants me to have a regular sized car.. OK fine! hehe

Hope you have a great week!!

Debbie :)
Tess said…
alam mo ba gustung gusto ko yang smart cars na yan and its good kasi hubby likes it too! I am actually looking for an affordable one pero medyo mahal nga. Hey, salamat sa pagdalaw sa bahay ko, wala na pong nakatira doon, tagal na, lol! Have a good weekend, umuulan dito.
Nance said…
They are cute! When I visited my brother in Switzerland, most of the cars were these size. Sabi, kulang daw ang parking lots kaya maliliit sila. I hate to be in an accident in one of these.

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