Friday, July 24, 2009

What Pretty Flower!!!


We have this plant that had one flower not too long ago but we missed it because we didn't know it had a flower. A few days after the first flower fell off, we saw 3 small buds coming out. We watched the buds every single day, afraid we may miss them again. When I peeked out the window after dinner last night, I saw that one of the flowers was about to open up. We went to check on it at around 10 PM last night and voila, 2 of the 3 were opened already. We woke up the little one so she could see it as well.

This is the flower we saw....

It's pretty, isn't it?

When we woke up this morning, the little one and I went out once again to look at them and take some more pics. Here's how it looked like early this morning. It's still in full bloom.

Here they are right now.

Can you guess what kind of flower it is? It only blooms at night and it pretty much closes up during the day. I don't think these 2 will open up again BUT we still have this one to wait for...

Any guesses??? It's a cactus!


kAyE said...

Tama, tama. It's a night blooming cactus. Ganda :D

I LOVE the first shot. Parang professional ang kuha. :D

J said...

lovely! bakit night bloomer lang siya? I have no clue what it is.

any plans this weekend?


BongFlo said...

hello J!!! how're you na? sorry for not being able to visit you here often. been busy with my new life as "ina-tay". hirappppppp pero okay lang, i get to see my kids grow up right before my very eyes. not many dads like me are given that opportunity. i still don't have my internet connection as me and my kids moved to a new place of residence. dunno what's keeping those IP guys long to install my connection. will have to follow them up, i guess. been busy attending to just about everything and you know what... i have learned that there are indeed alot of things that a wife can do to a family, i have come to accept that. kaya hirappppp na hirappppp ako mag adjust. haaaay! you know, at the end of each day, i just don't have the strength anymore for some other stuff. parang tulog na lang palagi hinahanap ko. anyway, thanks for the countless visits to my site, its been a long time na walang update sa blog ko. hopefully soon, i can get back to blogging because i really miss it na. but what i really miss about blogging are my friends, my cyberfriends, and that includes you. thanks for everything J! be back soon... and yes, this flower in your yard is really beautiful.

kittykat said...

it looks pretty indeed Mommy J..did not know meron palang ganyan na cactus..wala kasi niyan thanks for sharing the photos..

honey said...

Wow! Ate ang ganda nga ng flower.. :)

J said...

hello! how was your Sabado?

Nance said...

wow, ganda ng kuha mo, ganda din ng bulaklak, worth it ang paghintay nyo!

Tita Beng said...

Kinda rare yata ang flower na ito! Can't believe it's a cactus. Ganda nya!

Ritchelle said...

Wow,natuwa naman ako. Buti hinintay pa kayong ng bulaklak next morning haha.

Sana you enjoyed the weekend:D

Beth said...

ang ganda! daming cactus ng mother ko pero walang ganyan! ang ganda!!! buti nakuhanan mo ng pics, thanks for sharing J, and for the birthday greeting too! :)

Avee said...

Wow kasanting na ning tanaman mu! Taksyapu deng kamote kanu sabi na jo ku ali la man kanu gule den pang display lamu kanu. hahahhaha!!!

Depa ning alti! Ali dala balu ing manyaman tagana. Pero itung mumunta kami palengke sali nakung pusit pati tilapia pero ing pantunan ku GIGI! Kanyaman na nita deng mangalati paksiw o kaya prito with toyo kalamansi.

Mimingat lagi!

DebbieDana said...

Ang ganda naman ng flower na yan, cactus pala! I like it, so pleasing to my eyes!!

Hope you have a great week Mommy J!

Debbie :)

Dezz said...

Mommy Wahm, so pretty naman ng mga flowers!
musta na po? Me dito, super busy sa work hehe..

Miss ko talaga mag blog hop, sorry minsan nalang ako makadalaw sa blog mo kasi subrang busy talga.