The BIG Switch....

Since we moved in this house, we’ve always had cable TV because we just transferred here what we had in the old house. Moving is always a stressful time so we chose to lessen it by just sticking it out with the old provider. We even got the bundle plan so we would only deal with one company. That didn’t work out well so a few months ago we decided to switch our phone and internet with another company but kept the cable with the old provider. As days went by, we’re getting more and more frustrated with our cable provider primarily because of the over the top charges from them. So we’ve decided to go back to Direct TV Satellite ASAP. We used to have them but for some unknown reasons, we went to cable. I know we didn’t have problems with them when we had them before so I really can’t remember why we chose to go with cable in the first.

Anyway, we ordered that flat screen TV that we’ve been planning to get since moving here. We wanted to wait for the armoire that we ordered before we get the new TV but due to some unexpected event [read: old TV broke down...yay!], we went ahead and ordered the TV already. Hubby is now busy getting ready for the TV, i.e. wiring, etc. He wants everything in place before the Direct TV guy comes sometime in the next couple of weeks. Right now, it’s a bit of a mess in the living room because everything is on the floor while he checks wirings, etc. We haven’t watched anything today because of that. Since we can’t watch TV, we’re kind of doing our thing now. The little one is busy in her bedroom tinkering with everything while I am here blogging and/or working. I can’t wait till we get our Directv Satellite installed because we are getting some great stuff with the deal we’re planning in getting....and because I can't wait to get rid of our cable provider. Yeah!


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