Flat Screen TV


We've been planning in replacing our old TV set since we moved here in our house. The husband already picked out the flat screen TV that he wants to get. Unfortunately, it's still all that for now...a plan. Actually, we can afford to get it now [I think] but here we are still using the ancient TV we've had since who knows when. Why you may ask? The guy we commissioned to build us the armoire [that will hold all the other stuff that an entertainment center needs] is still working on it. A lot of things happened to his personal life which unfortunately led to his shop being shut down for a few weeks. We're trying to be patient but we already gave him an ultimatum since it's way past the agreed upon delivery date.

In the meantime, we are looking at mounts that we will need for the TV. Looking for that perfect mount is proving to be not so easy. There are a bunch of choices out there that we keep changing our minds which one we really want. I thought picking out the TV will be the harder task. Boy, was I very much mistaken. I just hope we make up our mind on the mount before we get that armoire. Ha!


ruby said…
ay di ko ba na chika na baby boy uli..
Ciela said…
Whaaaaat?!!! You are not allowed to use those words? Ha ha ha.. same here, J! There are lots of words there I really heaven't heard of and know nothing of. Ang hirap naman! Any list of word substitutes? Good luck na lang! he he he..

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