Funny & Catchy Business Names...


***Some of these may only funny to those who know Tagalog.***

• A parlor in San Juan : Cut & Face

• A wholesaler of balut in Sto. Tomas, Batangas: Starduck

• A small Internet café: Cafe Pindot

• A laundry in Manila : Summa Cum Laundry

• A noodle restaurant in Pampanga: Mekeni Rogers [this is really funny to me since I'm from Pampanga....haha]

• A restaurant in Pasig : Johnny’s Fried Chicken, The “Fried” of Marikina

• A boxing gym in Taguig: Blow Jab

• A tombstone maker in Antipolo: Lito Lapida

• A copy center in Sikatuna Village , Quezon City : Pakopya ni Edgar

• A kambingan: Sa Goat Kita

• A salon somewhere: Curl Up And Dye

• A store selling feeds for chicken along Sucat Road : Robocock

• A shoe repair in Marikina : Dr. Shoe-Bago

• A shoe repair shop along Commonwealth Avenue , Quezon City : SHOEPERMAN (We will HEEL you, save your SOLE, and even DYE for you)

• A petshop: Petness First

• A flower shop: Susan’s Roses

• A taxicab: Income Taxi

• A second-hand watch store: 2nd Time Around

• A squid stall in a wet market: Pusit to the Limit

• A lawyer’s extension office: Nota Republic

• A ceiling installer: Kisame Street

• A car-repair shop: Bangga ka ‘day!

• An aquatic pet store in Malolos: Fish Be With You

• A fishball cart along P. Campa St. , near UST: Eat My Balls

• A barber shop in Cagayan de Oro: Pinoy Big Barber

• A resto in Baclaran: The Last Supper

• A party-needs business: Balloon-Balloonan

• A Chinese restaurant in Pasig : Lah-Fang

• A store selling fresh chicken, apparently owned by a woman named Dina: Dina Fresh Chicken

• A Hair Salon in Makati : Hair We Go Again


DebbieDana said…
LOL.. Made me laugh, really! Ang mga pinoy nga naman!

Musta na Mommy J? Have a wonderful Thursday!!

Debbie :)
OMG! Nagpagupit ako noon sa Pinoy Big Barber sa Cagayan de Oro! Brings back so many memories, LOL!

Miss ko na ang barber shop nah iyan. For $1 pwede nah ako magpagupit araw-araw *toink*.
Unknown said…
Rolling on the floor laughing!!!

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