LIFE's calling....


... that's why blogging has to take a back seat for a while. But it does not mean I am going to stop blogging. Not by a long shot. If you've been visiting here the last couple of weeks, you probably noticed already that I have not been blogging 'as much'. Part of the reason is what one blogger friend calls "BO" [hey, C!]....'burn out'. Yep, I am now at point where writing something for my blogs has become some kind of a 'drag' right now. I guess I'm too preoccupied to concentrate as I have a million other things going on in my life right now.

Anyway, aside from the 'million things' that I need to do before I embark on this new 'adventure' of mine, I am also busy looking into getting a life insurance for me and the husband. I only have this week to do this so it needs to be done ASAP. I used to have a few life insurance policies when I was still single but I wasn't able to continue them when I got married and moved. I could have but I didn't have the chance to make arrangements with my agent before I left the Philippines. I've always felt that because of life's uncertainties, I should have some kind of an insurance that can help my loved ones one way or another.


J said…
hi! how was the orientation?

meteor shower tonight daw, gising ka pa ba nun at 1:00 a.m.?

Ciela said…
Hi J! Trying to blog hop thru my celphone coz my lappy is being used by daughter. Been quite a while since my last visit here. Wishing you the best on your new endeavor! Sana marami pang kaperahan ang dumating sa'yo! Have a happay Thursday!
Beth said…
Dropping by, J! Salamat sa pagbisita khit di ako nakakavisit sa yo. Just like you, I'm soooo busy with a lot of things din e. Making hay while the sun shines is really a wise thing to do! :) Go for it! :)
Hi Ate J!

Nakakatuwa naman si Tita Beng, sana marami pang kaperahan dumating sa iyo. Sana yan din ang greeting nang mga tao sa akin during my bday.

Uy speaking of bday thanks for the greeting ate! I'm still accepting gifts by the way hehehe.

Yeah I've noticed you're not blogging as much as you used to. Hope you don't get too burnt out and use that "Bang Your Head Here" technique to de-stress hehehe.

Ok, sana marami pang kaperahan ang dumating sa ating lahat hehehe.
J said…
oh my, I just realized palpak pala ako with the meteor shower date. that is what a gritty, uncomfortable left eye brings. I can't wait to see my Ophthalmologist on Saturday. Visine is not doing the trick.

how's your Thursday?

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