New Adventure


That's what I want to call my new work-at-home job. It's an adventure alright since it's something entirely new to me. I'm still adjusting to it and trying to learn how to do it right. I know it will take time to get used to it but I'm hoping that I'll get the hang of it as soon as possible. Truth be told, I've been a nervous wreck since last week but most especially today. I don't know how tomorrow will go but I'm praying that I won't be as nervous.

Speaking of adventure, I've been thinking of going back to school. Well, going to an online school that is. I've been checking Masters degrees online for the last few weeks. I am not sure yet what I want to take but I may have found the school for me, Gonzaga University. Several of its masters degrees are offered online so that's really convenient for me. But that's not the only reason I like it. It's ranked third [yep, number 3] in the west by US News and World Report. Not too many top ranked schools offer courses online because of their belief that the quality of education is compromised if it's offered online. Gonzaga University obviously believes the opposite and I can only applaud them for going against because it gives us the chance to further our education without sacrificing quality at our own pace in the comfort of our own homes.


J said…
oh yes, first day mo on your new raket today. you'll get used to it I'm sure. kailangan bang nakababad sa fon all day?

here hopping late kasi sobrang late nagising, tinanghali.

have a great Tuesday!

Ciela said…
I wonder what makes you a nervous wreck with regards to that new job of yours. Kayang-kaya mo yan, I'm sure! .. Si J pa!

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