Obsolete Tech Words?


I am not a 'techie' person so some of these words I haven't heard until today...and they're not 'in' in the tech world anymore? Poor me....

Anyway, here are the '12 words that 'you can never say in the office' anymore'. I wonder what will happen if they're used though. Will there be a fine or a penalty or maybe a punishment? Hmmm....

1) Intranet
2) Extranet
3) Web Surfing
4) Push Technology
5) Application Service Provider (ASP)
6) Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) - I thought this meant 'public display of affection?...tee hee...
7) Internet Telephony
8) Weblog
9) Thin Client
10) RBOC
11) Long Distance Call
12) World Wide Web [aka Information Superhighway] - really?

There 'ya go. So if you're still using these words, better think twice. Those 'techie' people may give you 'the look'....


EJ said…
I am guilty of the www heheheh..

Thanks for coming by Ms. Juliana, I am now feeling better..
Cecile said…
I agree, Jules, di ko na nga masyado nababasa or naririnig tong mga words na ito eh...

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