On a Roll!!


Yes, I am. I'm posting non-stop this morning! If you checked the time stamps of the last few posts, they're just minutes apart. Don't be surprised. It seems that it helps to calm my nerves one way or another. I guess it's true that 'writing' [blogging maybe?] is therapeutic. I'm still a wee bit nervous but it's a little better now.

After this post, I may just do surf the net again. I've been doing that a lot as well. I'm trying to look for Christmas presents already so I won't be cramming come December. I also have to look for some stuff for the house. We're still looking for the TV mount that we need. The husband is also looking at ping pong tables because he wants to teach the little one how to play, yes, ping pong. I also want to learn how to play it. I really don't play any kind of sport and I think this may be the one I will actually enjoy doing. Maybe...


BongFlo said…
hi J!!! you were right in saying that i am super busy in my "new" role as "inatay" hence i really could not find time to go back to blogging and to make matters worst, wala pa din akong connection sa bahay. haaaaay! sure miss blogging na. anyway, i hope to be able to get back in the groove of things cyber-speaking and touch base with you guys soon... thanks for everything J, God bless!

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