Here, there and everywhere. I've mentioned numerous times here that my high school batch is celebrating 25 years this year. Silver jubilee if you may. I still don't know if I can attend that one although I would love to. My batch mates back home are very busy now since it's only a few more months before the big day. Hopefully everything goes well.

Aside from that reunion, another reunion is in the works as well, a family reunion that is. A cousin is organizing this one. I don't have a lot of relatives here in the US but the reunion is planned around an Aunt's birthday who resides in New York. Just like my high school reunion, I'm not sure I can attend this one. I just told my cousin that I'll help with the preparations. She already asked me to look into different places that do Syracuse catering. My aunt is turning 85 already so it was decided that the venue for the reunion/birthday party would have to be where she is. Hopefully, I'll be able to help my cousins in making this event a success even if I won't be able to attend.


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