Acne has never been a problem for me. I had them when I was in college I think but they didn't last. I get a pimple every now and then but not to the point of breaking out. My chin is probably the part of my face where acne develops most of the time. I may even be the one to blame for that because I tend to prick some 'whiteheads' on my chin which would then turn into pimples. But it doesn't happen much anymore.

My nephew is another story. He's been battling acne for years now. I think he started having break outs in high school. He's now a doctor and his problem with acne is still ongoing. Just last month when I called on his birthday, he wanted me to check Acnepril. Actually, he wants me to buy him that as a gift for his birthday. I told him I would have to look it up first and see what kind of reviews it's getting. He agreed so now I have an assignment from him. He does this quite often. If he hears or reads some medicine for acne, he'd ask me to check it out here. I guess most of them are not available out there.


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