American Idol SHOCKER[s]?

And the new season hasn't even aired yet....

First it was Paula Abdul quitting the show and now...a [more] famous celebrity will replace her. Hmmmm....I wonder how Paula feels about her replacement??

I read about it yesterday but waited until there's some kind of a confirmation....yep, Ellen De Generes is now an American Idol judge.

Reactions? Comments? Lots of it actually. When Paula Abdul abruptly left the program, there was a lot of negative reaction about it. She was one of the original judges so that's understandable, I guess. But personally, it was getting more and more painful to watch her as the years went by. She helped the show go where it is now but sometimes people grow....and maybe, I just did.

Anyway, Ellen is funny. I'm sure her presence will provide a much needed comic relief if anything. I don't 'really' watch AI anymore. I still check it out once in a while but I may just try to watch it more this coming season to see how Ellen will fare with Simon, Randy and Kara. That should be interesting....


can't wait! ellen would provide the "compassion" part.
J said…
oh well... nakaka shock nga. buti nga, the confirmation was not let out via Twitter hehe.

nandito ako at patulog ka na siguro. it was such a hectic day for me. just logged online now.

good night!

Ciela said…
I think okay din naman si Ellen. Kwela. Masaya.

TGIF na din dyan. Mag- rest ka naman, J!

Sana nga, I can meet you too in person. Yes, Why not? Outing tayo sa Subic, para masaya. C'mon. mag-balikbayan ka na!
ruby said…
i like ellen kesa naman si spice girl, ano nga name nung, yong wife ni david beckham.. hehhehe
J said…
surprised? maaga naman ako today for a change.

it's been stormy here all day, it actually started last night kaya I'm stuck. I'm in between my baking, waiting for the custard filling to cool.

how's your Friday? mukhang hectic ha. TC!
Lynn said…
i've seen the headlines on yahoo ata. never bothered to read na. i do like watching american idol but it's been a while na rin that i haven't seen it.

musta na mommy J? yogi's ok na. he was admitted middle of August pa. thanks sa visit. ingatz!
Nance said…
personally, i think Ellen will be a breath of fresh air. AI was a little ... booring last year.
Ah!!! No!!! American Idol would never be the same with out Paula!

I don't like the other 4th judge (Don't know her name) but Ellen would be a great addition to them. It would feel like a mix of AI and the ellen degeneres show, LOL!
it SHOULD be interesting to see how Simon reacts to Ellen's wit. maybe i'll start watching AI again :D
J said…
it was a dry and perfect late summer day today dito sa amin. encore daw bukas. and this looks like the last 80 degree temp this week as I was looking at the forecast this week eh cooler na siya.

hope you had fun kahit maulan diyan. good night!
DebbieDana said…
Dana said he heard about having Victoria Beckham as one of the choices, so now that means she's out... Hhhhhm, so it will be Ellen, finally? I think she'll do good and I'll definitely watch out for her.

Debbie :)

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