Dare to be Daring?


I am not much of a shopper. I like to go around window shopping but I have a hard time deciding what to buy most of the time. I always think that I don’t really need something until it’s a day too late. This is also one reason why I find it hard to buy a gift for someone. I feel like I’m never going to get that perfect gift for a friend or a loved one. So I am one of the many who either give a gift card or cash for gifts. I even gave the husband a gift card one time. Romantic! Not! But that was the first and the last time I did that. It’s getting harder as the years go by what to get him though. I may just get a little edgy and buy him a Diezel underwear in the future.

We have been playing it safe the last few years by asking each other what we want when there’s an upcoming occasion. A lot of times, we just agree not to give each other anything. It’s easier but it’s also not very exciting, right? So yep, I may just go ahead and get him one of those nice looking Diezel underwear I came across online. If ever I push through with it, this would be a first. Like I said, I’ve been playing it safe by asking him what he wants most of time. I’ve given him wallets, mugs, and some clothes but never as daring as a Diezel underwear. I wonder how he’d react to it? Hmmm….that my friends is something that remains to be seen...


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