Labor Day Weekend...


As I mentioned in my previous posts, I want to start getting in shape. Well, that may happen sooner than later because after putting on some day clothes this morning, the harsh reality that is my 'jelly roll' hit me. Yep, no matter how much I try to suck it in, it just bounces back like ball. I actually mentioned to hubby last night that I want to look at treadmills this weekend when we get the chance. It's a long weekend and there are some good Labor Day sale going on right now so we may just find one that's within our budget. That means I don't have to wait for my new gig to pay me to get a new treadmill. I only have one problem though. What do I do with my old treadmill? Oh well...I guess I'll just cross the bridge when I get there. I still have to look for its replacement anyway and there 's no guarantee I will find it this weekend. Knowing me, I'm sure I'll change my mind again whether I really need to get a new one or not. That's the perk of being a woman, right?

Anyway, for those on this part of the globe: Enjoy this long Labor Day weekend. Whatever you do, stay safe!


Ciela said…
Hey J, don't worry much about how you'd lose weight. I don't think you'd really get that big if it's not in your genes. Ako naman, trying hard to gain a little more weight. Kahit anong lakas ko kumain, walang nagrerehistro. (Sigh!)

Long weekend din kami. Yey!

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