No More Napping....


For me, anyway. I took a nap this afternoon. Finally! After about 300 years. Not a wise decision. One word: headache. Yep. I took a nap because I had a slight headache...and I woke with an even bigger head...ache, I mean.

Anyway, our weekend has been good so far. The weather today was perfect. I was able to pull out some weeds on the flower beds after a long while. It was either way too hot or raining the past few weekends for me to do that.

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow. There's a big chance we'll just stay home but we never know. I really want to go to the Philippine store and get some stuff but we'll play it by ear. I'm not up to traveling half an hour to do that though...sigh.

Hopefully, you are having a more exciting weekend that me....


Ciela said…
That's what I always wanted to do but I couldn't, to take an afternoon nap. I'm insomniac kasi eh. Kahit sa gabi, it's too hard for me to go to sleep. That's one reason siguro kaya sobra akong mataba (Lol!saying the opposite)

Our weekend was partly hectic but wonderful so far.

Go ahead, don't miss taking the trip to that Phil. Store and buy tuyo. Sarap nun!

Bye for now and TC!
J said…
did you go? bigla tuloy ako napatulo laway with Tita Beng's mention of tuyo.

hay. the weekend here is sad. puro ulan. di man lng kami nakapunta ng park. ahays.

oh well, it's not as if we can't go out during the weekdays. hehe. the perks of being a wahm :D

i just hope the weather cooperates.
i dont remember the last time I had a nap - probably decades ago! lol. i'm always taking the opportunity to do more when my son is napping. i guess, nap becomes a luxury when you're mom na :)

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