Of Vitamins & Pills....


During my appointment yesterday, my doctor asked if I am taking vitamins regularly. I am but I only started not too long ago. It turns out some vitamins have iodine in them so he wanted to make sure it's not what's triggering my thyroid to be overactive. Even if he said that it's unlikely that my vitamins may be causing the problem, I still checked my multi-vitamin as soon as I got home. Nope, my vitamin doesn't have a hint of iodine in it. Aside from that, he also asked me if I am on some weight loss pills. Hmmm...that question made me ask myself if my weight gain is 'that' obvious. Is it? Not really. He only asked me that question to make sure that if I am taking something to lose weight, I have to make sure that there is no iodine in them as well. There's not need for that actually because I have not taken anything to lose weight. Maybe I should stop taking in so much food to trim down a little bit, eh? Ha! I sound like I am so overweight, don't I? I'm not actually. I just like to exaggerate my weight gain for 'poetic' purposes....LOL....


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