Rainy Saturday!


So I was mistaken! I thought it will not rain today. It's pouring like crazy while I'm typing this. It's been going on for the last hour and it looks like it will go on for a little while more. At least the grass has been cut already so hubby need not worry about it anymore.

I had a busy morning. I was catching up on my chores that I can no longer do on the weekdays like vacuuming. That's one of the downside of my new gig. I now have to schedule some things so it won't be forgotten. At least I have some kind of a schedule now that I never really had in the past 4, maybe 5 years.

There's nothing planned for the rest of the day. One of my bosses emailed saying there will be some work that will be released throughout the long weekend. That's great because we've been slow forever. I've been reading that the 'recession' may have hit rock bottom already. Now there's no way but up, right? Or is that *wishful thinking* again?

Anyway, have a lovely weekend everyone. For those who are on this side of the world...


J said…
hola!!! early ako, kasi I'm just relaxing for now waiting for the right time to get dressed. we're going to dinner with my in-laws at a seafood resto.

re: scholar, Engineering course yun kaya 4 years ang commitment namin, trimester kasi. medyo malayo pa, but when he goes on his 3rd we plan to add 1 more kid. nakakatuwa at kahit papaano nakakatulong. we hope to meet him after graduation. kasi ngayon hindi kami kilala, anonymous muna.

enjoy your weekend kahit working weekend for you. tama ba ako?

Ciela said…
Looks like your hands are always full, J! Which is just fine, kasi with matching moolah naman e. he he..

We are also having some rains here, kaya nakakatamad lumabas. Long weekend pa naman! (to observe Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister's day of funeral.)

Btw, kasangga ko pala ang iyong mother dear para s Toyota noon?!
Actually, ganun din ako sa kanya, nang-aaway ng Crispa fan.(Lol)

Happy Labor's Day sa inyo dyan!
Chubskulit Rose said…
happy labor day jules, I am so happy because hubby is off tomorrow, yipppeeee..
Tetcha said…
It's good to have a positive outlook even in the face of recession. By the way, I have a nice tag for you.
J said…
dinner out with the in-laws was great.

today,was costco shopping day. we seldom go, sayang naman ang membership fee. I'm hesitant to go alone coz of the heavy lifting, kaya I rely on the availability of F. yun nga lang pag kasama panay ang pulot at karga sa cart kahit unimportant hehe. tuloy we were there for 2 hours.

any plans for tomorrow? ay mali, pala, working ka tomorrow di ba?
Grace said…
Have a relaxing labor day to you, too. :)
J said…
how was your Labor day? work day ba? (hahaha)

dito lang kami sa haus after our green market run. of course, si F slaved himself to death sa gym. my legs kasi are sore again. I must have pushed my limtis again when I worked out yesterday.
Hi Ate J! Thanks for the comment. Napaka-uplifting talaga. Thank you I really appreciate it.

Have a relaxing day din! Hope you'll get more assignments this week. sana naman matapos na ang recession.

Sige ate J! Hope you and your family enjoy the labor day!
Ilocana said…
Hi Mom Juls! Musta na,, hope sooo great ang Labor Day nyo!

We didn't do anything special today coz hubby got busy on his car. But we manage to have a special moment at dinner,,, eating PIZZA! lol!

Have a wonderful week, ^_^.

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