S-L-O-W Day....


...and it's only Wednesday. It's my second week with the new job and I must say: so far so good. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am still on edge right before my first call but I start to relax soon after. Last week was another story though. I was so stressed out I thought I was going to pass everytime I was doing my job. I would have temporary mental block in the middle of it all that after I hang up, I'd feel like I would get sick. I've also had some sleepless nights that I had bags and dark circles around my eyes for days. I though I'd use up all of my eye wrinkle cream to cover up the circles. The husband who has always been my biggest supporter kept telling me not to beat myself up with the 'should haves'. I guess he hated seeing me so down for a few days so he kept giving me the 'pep talk' when he got the chance. I'm just glad I have a very good support system in him because if he wasn't boosting my morale during my first few days with this job, I would have given up this job already.


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