September Morn...


And today is officially the start of the 'ber months' and the last quarter of 2009. Again, how time flies. The first 3 quarter just went like a breeze although it was probably the slowest to some due to the present economic situation. Hopefully we will have some positive changes during this last quarter especially on the economic front.

On a more personal note, this is my second week with my new gig. I **think** I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm still a bag of nerves especially in the morning but it gets better as the day goes on. It's not as 'busy' as I anticipated it to be. Actually, that's what the hiring specialist told me during my interview. But he also mentioned that there will be days where it gets really busy...just no way of telling when those days will be.

Right now, the new job seems to be a nice fit with my other jobs. The only problem is my other jobs are still very slow. We still get some work but they only come in small portions and very sporadic. Oh well, hopefully this quarter will be a lot better. ***Wishful thinking here***

Have a nice day, everyone...


blessedmom said…
oo nga mommy "ber" na...and when i think of ber months..ibig sabihin Christmas is near! yay! bilis talga ng panahon! :)

im glad to know ok ka na sa work mo...told u kayang kaya mo yan! :)

regarding Noah's watermelon, days pa bibilangin bago makain..maliit pa eh! hehe :)..pero na-try namin yun cantaloupe from his garden before..matamis! si Noah and Kaiden din ang umubos hehe :)

mejo mahaba nato..thanks a lot for the visits and the comments sis! try ko Google translator..kakaloka! hehe :) hugs and kisses to ur lovely lovely princess :)
It's good to know that the new *gig* is fitting well into your schedules. ^_^ And just like you, I wish for a better economic times.

As for me, well, September is here and it is the month that I am waiting for to burst! Hehehe...pretty much excited with the baby coming!

Anyway, been here to say hello! Muah! Missed you too. ^_^
J said…
heto ako maaga for a BIG change. paano nagyari? kasi I had to get up very early to go to our local DMV. sumugod na ako talaga hehe.

I woke up to a 55 degree temperature dito sa Big Apple. that is only the 1st day of September ha. cardigans, wraps and light jackets are now in order dito. gusto ko ng lumipad away from here haha.

I've been meaning to ask, si E ba home schooled pa rin this year?

Beth said…
AKo din, wishful and prayerful thinking palagi. I pray na sana umokay na un economy. I believe pa-okay na siya. :)

I hope all's well with you always! :) Kisses to the little one! :)
Hi Ate J! Kamusta ka? Natutuwa akong na ang iyong Gigs ay nagtatrabaho sa labas ng maayos. Naghahanap ako ng isa pang masyadong trabaho. Ako may korte na ang aking trabaho ay ang paggawa sa akin sa isang melo-dramatiko tao LOL! Time ay lumipad sa pamamagitan ng mabilis na kung ang tingin ninyo ay hindi tungkol sa mga ito na ang much. Mag-ingat!

Hahaha! From Google Translate ang nasa taas. Ito ang original message:

Hi Ate J! How are you? I'm glad that your gigs are working out well. I'm looking for another job too. I figured that my job is turning me into a melo-dramatic person LOL! Time does fly by fast if you don't think about it that much. Take care!
Gorgeous MUM said…
Yeah, the year seemed to pass just like that!

Anyways, wishing you luck on your new job! For sure when the busy days came, you can easily handle it.
DebbieDana said…
I was actually elated when Dana said it's already the 1st day of September yesterday, I lost track na, haha! Sabi ko, buntis eh, kaya makakalimutin...But anyway....YES!!!! Ber months na nga, lapit na kong manganak, yehey!!

Hope you have a great Wednesday Mommy J!!!!

Debbie :)

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