Weekend is COMING!!


Or do I even have to remind you of that?? It seems that everyone I know always waits for it anyway, right? So I guess there's really need to remind anyone of it then...but what the hay....Weekend is COMING!!! LOL...

I had a busy day yesterday. Well, more like a busy early evening actually. I had some back to back calls with the longest one lasting for about 50 minutes. My ear was red and sore when I got off that call only to get another one a few seconds later. But that's good because I only get paid when I'm actually on the phone so no complaints here.

It's not always that busy though. A lot of times I sit by the phone for hours without receiving a single call. When that happens, I just surf the internet and check out things I don't really need like pet beds because we have no pets, yet. Ha! It's like window shopping done online. Am I ever tempted to buy these things I have no need for? Not really. Truth be told, I even hold back in buying some stuff which I *think* I need [want, maybe?] anyway.


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