What Insurance?

A big chunk of what one makes here in the US goes to insurance. It's a painful reality especially to one's "wallet or pocket". Just this year, we've decided to change providers for all our insurance coverage. At first, we only thought of changing provider for our home owner's insurance but we found out that our new home owner's insurance provider can give us a much cheaper auto insurance as well. Now we're with them for both home & auto insurance.

Just last month, we also decided to change health insurance provider. Why? Because the old provider keeps increasing our monthly fee. It's just crazy how they can increase their prices numerous times and without enough notice. We have also been having some issues with them because they're making it so hard for the doctors to get their claims. That means that if they don't pay the doctors, it's us who have to shoulder the bills. UNFAIR! We never fail to pay them on time because it's automatic and we barely used their benefits in the first 5 years or so that we've had them. Now that we need them, they make it so hard for us. I wish we can do the same to them & give them a hard time before we pay them our monthly dues. Hmmppp!


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