24 Hours


More or Less. That's how long I didn't have internet connection. It started yesterday morning and it only came back up this morning. It's annoying since I had to do some work online but there's nothing I could do but wait.

Now that it's back...I don't feel like working. Ugh! I just want to sleep and do nothing at all but I have to play catch up with work to make up for what I wasn't able to do yesterday. So lazy or not, I have to get off here and start doing real work.


J said…
at bakit??? what's the matter with your internet service provider?

eto nabuhay ako. slowly easing into my usual routine at babalik na si F to work on Monday.

hope all's well with you. enjoy your Sabado night!

wow 24 hours lang? inggit ako! haha! kami 40+ hours ala kuryente tapos 1 day ala internet. o ha. ngayon lang ako nakabalik. waaahh!!
Hello Mommy J!

Buti naman 24 hours lang, dito sa akin 48 years na yata ang lousy connection ko.

Now, wala pa ako gana mag work. After ako nagkasakit, anak ko naman. Hayz...

Enjoy your weekend. Monday na sa amin dito. Hehehehe...
Ciela said…
Wahh.. ganyan din kami dito! On and off ang internet connection. Kainis na talaga! Good for you that it's normal now. Sana dito rin!

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