Age 'Eraser'


At the end of this year, my high school batch will be hosting the alumni homecoming in our high school because we're the silver Jubilarians. Yep, it's been 25 years since I graduated from high school. Wow! My high school classmates back in the Philippines have been so busy organizing everything the last few months. Things were going smoothly until Ondoy & Pepeng devastated the country. Planning was put on hold because some of the organizers' homes were flooded and some are still flooded. We are all hoping things can get back to normal as soon as possible.

I really want to attend this event but I can't. I'm in contact with some of my classmates but I haven't seen or talk to most of them in years...about 25 years actually. It would be great to see them after all these years. I'm sure there's a lot of changes in all of us especially physically. From the pictures I've seen already, some have turned gray already but some look like they haven't changed at all since high school. I'm sure a lot of us are hoping to get our hands on the best eye cream for wrinkles out there to somehow slow down the aging process. I wouldn't mind using some 'age erasers' myself although I am more concerned with the gray hair popping up on my head every second. My hair has never been treated...never permed...never dyed so I can't decide if I should start thinking about dyeing it soon??


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