Another Appointment


This time with my ophthalmologist. And it's another early one. I think I'm starting to like going to these appointments early in the morning. Yes, I feel a bit sleepy for most of the morning but it goes away after a while. We got back home a couple of hours ago but I couldn't blog or surf online because I COULDN'T READ!! The doctor dilated my EYES that's why. So I had to wait before I could do anything that involves reading.

Doctor's report is good. He said that my eyes are looking great, I mean as far as the TED or Thyroid Eye Disease is concerned. He mentioned that my TED may or may not be related to my hyperthyroidism so it's possible that even if my thyroid problem is gone, I may still have TED or vice versa. Hopefully, both will go away in the future.

My next appointment with him is in about 6 months for a check-up and that's going to be sometime in 2010 already! Wow! I can't believe we're almost done with 2009.

Anyway, another week has started. No more appointments set for any of us in the next few months. Our weekend went smoothly as always. The weather was perfect. I was able to do some weeding yesterday. I was also able to clean a little bit in the garage. I have been planning in doing that for the longest time and I'm glad I was able to do that yesterday because it wasn't too hot to stay out. There's still a bunch I need to do there but that can wait...maybe next weekend.


Gorgeous MUM said…
So you'll be spared from the doctors in the next 6 months! Ha!Ha!Ha!

Hope things turns out good for you!

Take care!
Ciela said…
Hindi kaya yung pungay lang ng mata mo ang nakita ni Doc? he he..
well, good for you that you can rest for a while from going to and fro the doc's clinic. Sana, gumaling na yang problem mo!

About my Mil, yeah, she's now back in Sydney doing her daily gardening, as we've been told. Thanks for asking!

Grabe 'no? 2010 na, Bilis ng panahon! How's M and E?
J said…
busy, busy me. but it's the nice kind of busy kasi libre ako sa house chores hehe. F and I have been busy running around in circles haha.

buti naman at ok ang eye test mo. mas ok sana if both conditions go away for good. kita mo nga naman what we have to deal with habang tumatanda ano?

hope your week is going along well. anong latest about E?

Ciela said…
Hi J! Andito ulit ako. Ibabalita ko lang na may bago akong blog, named "The Pink Blog". I hope to see you there. Salamat!
Chubskulit Rose said…
parehas pala tayo Jules, I had a thyroid problem din when I was in high school but nacure ng iodine solution that the hospital gave me..

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Gorgeous MUM said…
Thanks for dropping by!

I tried to talk more on force my sisters to visit me here, but they won't budge! Hahaha! They love their jobs so much just to be my slave! Kidding! And with the typhoons comings and goings in Manila, they had to be there.

Enjoy your day!

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