Brand New vs. Refurbished


My laptop is almost a year old already. It's my husband Christmas gift for me last year but we exchanged gifts before Christmas. It's a great computer but we had to send it back to the shop a few months after we got it because of a dead back light. Mind you, it's a brand new computer so we were caught by surprise when it went dark one day. It's also been making some funny noises as of lately. We tried the HP customer service to resolve the issue but it's not helping at all.

My laptop before this one was bought in 2001. I think we opted for refurbished laptops at that time because of financial constraint. Laptops were still quite pricey back then so even a refurbished laptop cost about 2 thousand dollars. But even if that old laptop of mine was not bought brand new, I don't think we had to send it in after only a few months like this brand new one we got last year. I used the old laptop for about 6 years before we replaced it. It had a couple of crashes as it got older but it was usable after sending it in. I am just hoping this one I have right now lasts as long if not longer.


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