Cool Weather...


After a week of hot weather, we are now getting a break. As I type this, it's in the 60s outside. We have our windows open to let the cool air in and we can hear the wind outside. Hubby said that it smells great outside because it smells like barbecue...LOL. I guess our neighbors are taking advantage of this great weather by doing some backyard barbecue. I wonder if we'll be invited for dinner tonight. Hmmm....

While we're having a great weather here, I am hoping and praying my family is having the same back in the Philippines. I read in the news there's another typhoon there with an international name of 'Lupit' which in the Philippines means 'cruel'. As if the last 2 typhoons were not enough, this one may also make a landfall where those 2 wreaked havoc the last few weeks. My brother said that because of the last typhoon, there's flooding everywhere in our little town that even the few business metal buildings were submerged with water during our town fiesta.. That's odd because those buildings were rarely reached by flood when I was still back there.

Anyway, I am crossing everything I can and praying that this latest typhoon won't do the same damage as the last two. Better still, I hope it just goes away.


J said…
yeah, I heard about the storm coming ulit sa Pinas. I really pray too that it will change its direction.

it's really cool na. I can't believe it that we are now wearing our down jackets. ako ay hindi pa handa at nasa storage pa most of them. I had to frantically pull out 1 jacket for each of us. mukhang walang Fall dito at winter na agad.

have a good Sabado night!
J said…
I forgot, oo nga bili ka na rin ng power juicer. it's a lot easier and more convenient. siguro gaganahan ka din mag juice, and I never would have thought maraming veggies ang pwedeng i-juice.
hi J! i read in the news that it's not going to be as heavy as the last two typhoons, contrary to the name. let's just hope PAGASA is right this time.

good that you have such a lovely weather! did you get invited to dinner? hee hee

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