Fall Weather


Yesterday, we woke up with the temperature outside in the 60s. The highest temperature during the day was still in the upper 80s to the lower 90s. If I didn't have to stay inside to do some work, it would have been a great day for weeding...but work comes first.

Today it was in the 50s when the husband left for work. It was still in the 60s outside when I and the little one had our breakfast. It was in the 70s though inside the house. That didn't stop the little one to dress up as if winter is in full blast. When she came out of her bedroom, she was wearing her hooded cheetah sweater, and a winter hat under the hood. Looking at her made me feel really cold...LOL.

It's now in the lower 80s outside and it's actually quite comfortable. The sun is out in full force but it's not hot. The weekend weather is also looking promising because another cold front seems to be coming our way. Maybe I can do some much needed weeding then.

Unlike in other states, we don't see the beautiful colors that come with autumn but that's alright. I can always look at pictures, right?


J said…
we can now say goodbye for good(for now) to our 80's temps here in NY. 50's lang kami today and the past few days.

ayan tuloy, super intriga ka sa big project namin hehe. ang hirap nga kasi yung kakambal ko dito ay fickle minded.

aga mong matulog ha. good night!

J said…
just logged in. I'm very tired sa kaka-ikot worse, ang lamig sa labas at mahangin kasi.

musta Friday? weekend na ulit. any plans? kami, early tomorrow as we have our regular appointment with the dentist.

ako din ay nakatutok sa developments sa typhoon sa pinas.sana naman mali ang forecast.
Ciela said…
Hi J!
Ang ganda ng climate ninyo dyan ha! Yan ang kagandahan ng inyong state. Di bale ng walang colorful fall, ganda nman ng climate!

We were lucky that Pepeng didn't hit Metro Manila. Sad lang para sa Northern Luzon, hindi nakaligtas sa hagupit ng bagyo!

Sana naman, wala ng calamity na dumating pa sa 'Pinas!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the weekend!
Shoshana said…
It's starting to get cooler at night here, but still high 80s in daytime. That's Dallas for you.
Nance said…
don't worry J, i will post pictures of our fall foliage here in upstate NY for you to enjoy! lol
Chubskulit Rose said…
Oo nga mamimiss ko na naman yung scenery sa west virginia this year,.. But Korea has gorgeous fall colors too..

I added this blog nga pala on my nostalgic blog Jules..

Nostalgic Marveling
Etcetera Etcetera
Spice up your LIFE!
Obstacles & Glories
DebbieDana said…
Here in GA, it's chilly every morning and in the evening for the past week. I'm pregnant and I always feel warm so the weather lately is just perfect for me. Also, maulan dito ngaun.....parang sa Pinas...and alot of counties here in GA too were flooded 2 weeks ago because of the heavy downpour of the rain.

Musta na Mommy Juliana? It's been days since the last time I visited here, been busy lately, saka si Daniel nagkasakit.....but anyway, thank you so much sa pagbisita at sa mga comments!

Hope you have a great whole week ahead! Ingat lagi.

Debbie :)

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