Family Vacation


Deciding not to return home to the Philippines to take part in my high school batch's silver jubilee was not an easy thing to do. But sometimes we have to make some not so easy choices for practical reasons. Admittedly, financial reason played a big part in that decision. I just feel [& think?] that given the circumstances [and yes, I mean the present state of the economy], it will be for the best if we postpone a trip back to the Philippines for another time. It would have a great vacation but there's always a next time...I hope.

We still want to go on a family vacation though. We just have to find a place where we won't have to spend as much. It would be nice to relax in one of those hotels in acapulco with the husband and the little one. I've never been to Mexico. Hubby went last year but only for a business meeting. He actually went to Texas then went to Mexico then crossed the border. Not a vacation definitely so yes, we can definitely plan in visiting the place for a long-delayed vacation.


hi mommy juls! ready for halloween?
awww.. sayang. we could meet up pa naman sana with the blogger gang when you go here. hihi.

anyways, sabi mo nga, may next time pa naman ;)

enjoy the rest of the week! :)

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