Flashing Back....


A few weeks ago, we got a letter from the State Attorney's office. It was informing us that the builder who took advantage of us & some 100 other families was appealing his conviction. Our presence was not needed but if we wanted to attend the hearing, then we could. The hearing was also online so we could just watch it anywhere we wanted to. We weren't able to watch the live webcast but we watched it on replay the night of the hearing.

Needless to say, the judges that heard the appeal didn't give the builder's lawyer a chance to manipulate the case. It was obvious the 3 judges were very much aware of what the builder did to us. A few days after, the verdict was given: DENIED. It's another win for us in a way but not really. We lost not only money during the ordeal but also peace of mind and precious time we can never recover.

The builder has been in jail since February 2008 and he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for Grand Theft in April 2008. But our saga with him started about 4 years before that. We signed our contract with him in late 2004 and he started getting money from us shortly after. It was a pleasant experience for the first few months as we went to choose everything for the new house like paints, counter tops, et. We even got to choose the granite tile we wanted for the counter tops as well as some upgrades as he offered them at affordable prices. Looking back now, we would have seen it coming because he was agreeing with everything we wanted even if we didn't want to shell out more money. I guess the saying that if it's too good to be true, it probably may be correct in that situation.

Oh well...he's in jail now and he won't be out for years to come. At least he won't be able to take advantage of other people anymore.


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