Halloween Yet?


Halloween is something I never paid attention to when I was growing up. Actually, I didn't quite pay attention to it until I started teaching already. My first teaching job was in Manila and I have no recollection if we actually had Halloween celebrations in that school. We probably did and I just don't remember. Halloween was a big thing in the school I taught in Taiwan though. It's odd because that school is ran by nuns. But since it's supposed to be using an American curriculum, anything that Americans observed, we observed including Thanksgiving Day that coincides with the TD here.

Anyway, the little one is very excited about Halloween. She said it's the best holiday ever...until the next one comes, of course. Needless to say, costume is a big thing for her. She likes dressing up so that's a given. Last year, she was Cinderella. This year, it's the opposite. I'm not telling now so it would be a surprise but we need to buy different pieces for her costume to be complete. She still needs shoes so I checked Clarks shoes hoping I'll find what we need for her there but no such luck. There's a bunch of cute shoes for Mommy though....ahemm!~ Daddy would have to check out the stores near his work tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll find what we're looking for....fingers & toes crossed.


Ciela said…
Little Miss Cutie must really be very excited now for her most awaited holiday. Halloween here in the Phils. wasn't celebrated that much years ago unlike now that it's already becoming a fad though only in establishments such as malls, 5 star hotels and big resorts. At least kids here now also get to enjoy the spooky day like the kids over there in the U.S.

Tara na, angkas ka na sa pakpak ko and lets fly high! ha ha ha!

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