It Figures...

...why I 'look' fat!, if only I can explain that to my clothes...


J said…
bwahahaha. oo nga.

grabe, maginaw na ulit dito. 40's kami, and the wind. my gosh!

si E hindi pwede sa processed foods? hala at opt for fresh, healthier alternatives. expensive!!! hahaha.

parang yung tao dito sa bahay(F). hindi yan umiinom ng orange juice that's not freshly squeezed pero kaartehan lang niya.
DebbieDana said…
Hello Mommy J! Sino ba ang hindi fat? I always feel so big and fat, and im sure it would be hard for me to lose the pounds I gained after my pregnancy.

But anyway, the illustration made me laugh......cute, hehe!!

Have a wonderful Thursday evening!!

Debbie :)
Gorgeous MUM said…
Hahaha! Soooo true! Thanks for the laugh!
ruthinian said…
very funny! very true! very common! very normal! lol
Cecile said…
hahaha, kakatawa naman tong illustrations.
bluedreamer27 said…
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Hope you have a great day and God Bless

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Blue Dreamer
Ciela said…
Ha ha ha! Bakit nga ba? Funny talaga!

Weekend n naman J! Ang bilissss!

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